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We will be adding to these video productions shortly. We are also in the process of digitising our old films which go back over 60 years.

EVM End of Year Competition 2011

Winner: Eric Jukes

"Sir Joseph Bazalgette"

A presentation for young school children by Vickie Bazalgette,  the great, great, great granddaughter of Sir Joseph Bazalgette now famous for saving London from "The Great Stink" and preventing the loss of any more lives from cholera epedemics in London.

Member's film

Producer: Eric Jukes

"Witchboy - teaser/trailer No 1"

The witch-boy comes to London to bring fear to the Congolose population in North London.  Apart from the hand and the eyes, everything else in this very short film is produced from stills using features available in Adobe Premiere.  The Bible pages are scanned and changed in Adobe Photoshop  which was also used to edit and correct the other four stills used.

It is expected that this fil will begin shooting in 2014.

Come fly with me ...

Ken Sabbarton demonstrates the capabilities of his DJI Phantom Quadcopter - an integrated multi-rotor aircraft for aerial filming.  With this sort of gear you really are up with the professionals. Think of those blockbuster movies with the sweeping aerial shots - this is another area which has opened up to the amateur.

In a Quiet Churchyard ... by Eric Jukes was entered for  BIAFF 2014. It is the story of the Rector of Stiffkey, whose scandalous church trial shocked the nation. 


In a Quiet Churchyard  2 is in an early planning stage. This will enlarge upon this fascinating story. 

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