Founded in 1916, the London & Southern Counties Mouse & Rat Club is the oldest area mouse and rat club in the UK. It is open to anyone interested in exhibition mice or rats. There are four grades of membership - Adult, Adult Partnership, Junior (aged between 6 and 15), and Junior Partnership. Subscriptions are due by the end of February - A new member joining from 1st October to end of February does not pay again until the following February.

The Club has a show on the first Saturday of the month, every month (with the exception of January or August) and most start at 10.30 am.

The MICE and RATS are judged by experienced judges drawn from the Club's Judging Panel and are judged to the the Show Standards (Breed Standards) National Mouse Club and National Fancy Rat Society.

In most shows you need to be a member to enter. Membership costs £15 for an Adult subscription, and £17 for Adult Partnership. Every member receives a copy of the rulebook.

Become a member by purchasing (or renewing) your subscription over at our e-Shop.

Additionally, the LSCMRC has published a regular newsletter since the early 1960s. Members are actively encouraged to contribute articles relating to the fancy, or advertisements. (Most of the past issues have been digitised and are available to members). Newsletters are delivered monthly via email.

Shows are held in 2020 every month except January, August, and September

email us for further information

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